Happy Birthday Marines – Cookies 2017

Every year on 10 November, thousands of Marines make the pilgrimage to Cookies Tavern in Philadelphia like clockwork. We do it as a tradition of brotherhood. It’s only fitting that we celebrate our birthday in the same place where we were born – a bar.


Think of Cookies as a large block party meets street festival…but with more armed participants than a Pro-2A rally. The ceremonies included a guest speaker, our Hymn, National Anthem and the Color Guard. Hundreds of Marines and Service members came through our tent this year looking for swag and to reminisce about their service. Others like the Leatherneck Motorcycle Club and USMC Staff-NCO club joined in the celebration.



The gathering is an opportunity for Marines, young and old, local and distant, to diverge on a single location and commiserate on experiences that few share and fewer understand; the depths of the joy, pain, political incorrectness and warrior spirit of a Marine. “A lot of guys wanted to come by and tell us their story” says Ryan Delany, 03XX Operations Director. “They wanted to tell their story to someone who will understand and appreciate what their experience meant.”



This year, thanks to our supporters via direct donations and merchandise sales, we raised $2,000 for the foundation. Every dollar we receive will benefit a Marine or Corpsman in their transition to civilian life, to get through a financial hardship, or receive their hard earned benefits. We are humbled by our followers and supporters daily. Thank you for your support for the past few years and we look forward to seeing you again next year.



Ross Nussbaum

03XX Staff

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