Rudy Lopez became a volunteer member on November 2nd, 2017. He heard of the Foundation from RallyPoint, the largest online veteran networking site.


A US Navy Veteran of 15 years, he served as a Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman, or “SARC.” He deployed three times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan in support of both OIF and OEF campaigns. He is a graduate of the following schools; USMC Basic Reconnaissance Course, Marine Combat Diver, Army Airborne, Hyperbaric Medicine, SERE School, and the Special Forces Medical Course. 13 of his 15 years of service were spent with Marine Recon.


In his civilian career, he serves as a Licensed Private Investigator while he completes law school, where he studies business law and Veteran’s advocacy.


A believer in the 03XX mission, Rudy is passionate about VA benefits advocacy, helping with your career transition and education. Welcome aboard and thank you for your service to the Foundation.


03XX Staff

Cara Wecht


Cara joined the Foundation on June 29th, 2017 and is both our Deputy Case Management Director and Mental Health Case Manager. Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, she was looking for a veteran nonprofit that focuses on the unique needs of Infantry Marines transitioning into civilian life. Cara has personally seen people close to her struggle with their transition and mental health issues. By her nurturing personality, she’s drawn to help others in any way she can.

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Military Disability and Retirement Pay and Divorce:

US Supreme Court Overturns Arizona State Court

Rudy Lopez, j.d. (Legal information only; not advice)


On May 15, 2017 the United States Supreme Court decided Howell v. Howell 581 U. S. ____ (2017) in a unanimous decision. It confirmed that 10 U. S. C. §1408 expressly excludes ‘”disposable retired pay” amounts deducted from that pay “as a result of a waiver . . . required by law in order to receive”‘ disability benefits, §1408(a)(4)(B).

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