Military Disability and Retirement Pay and Divorce:

US Supreme Court Overturns Arizona State Court

Rudy Lopez, j.d. (Legal information only; not advice)


On May 15, 2017 the United States Supreme Court decided Howell v. Howell 581 U. S. ____ (2017) in a unanimous decision. It confirmed that 10 U. S. C. §1408 expressly excludes ‘”disposable retired pay” amounts deducted from that pay “as a result of a waiver . . . required by law in order to receive”‘ disability benefits, §1408(a)(4)(B).

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If you’re seeking or want to seek VA treatment, then you NEED to read this.

It is no surprise that the VA is overwhelmed with patients and plagued by inefficiencies. For those of us with physical, mental health and other disabilities, navigating the different departments can feel like walking through an unmarked minefield – if the mines keep changing location and shape right under our feet.

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Enjoying some off time in the best way that we know how.

Few things are more fun to me than going on a hunting trip. The only thing that makes it better; being surrounded by some of the best individuals this country has produced; United States Marine Corps Infantrymen – current and former.


I sat down with Gabe Castleberry, our Executive Director, over a camp fire after a long, freezing cold day of hunting. He reminded me why the 03XX Foundation has such a strong grassroots following. Here is, in his words, the reason we exist and why our mission is critical for our community.


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