Enjoying some off time in the best way that we know how.

Few things are more fun to me than going on a hunting trip. The only thing that makes it better; being surrounded by some of the best individuals this country has produced; United States Marine Corps Infantrymen – current and former.


I sat down with Gabe Castleberry, our Executive Director, over a camp fire after a long, freezing cold day of hunting. He reminded me why the 03XX Foundation has such a strong grassroots following. Here is, in his words, the reason we exist and why our mission is critical for our community.


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Trans Pecos Ultra Marathon

I’ve read about the ultra marathon community and watched a documentary on the annual Badwater 135 run in Death Valley. The sheer gnarliness of what was happening on TV made my knees ache and my back start to spasm. Not to mention a slight pucker factor watching these seemingly super human individuals push themselves beyond the normal boundaries of the human body.

Some people thrive on this torture. My former squad mate from 2/2, Thomas Karlick, found solace in running while trying to battle his own post-combat demons. After a second tour to Iraq, he had a tough time transitioning out of the Marines; ultra marathon running became his way to focus on something other than the past and to continue a mission. After his 170 mile self-supported ultra marathon race for the Travis Manion Foundation in 2015, I was intrigued at the preparation taken to run these races. We talked about teaming up for an ultra marathon on behalf of the 03XX Foundation which I happened to know very well.

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