The Case Management Process: Part 1 “Introduction”

The Case Management Process: Part 1


A message to our Brothers-in-Arms and our Supporters

Part 1 of our 4-part series


Team work is essential in the infantry, whether on the battlefield or in the barracks, no grunt is ever alone. We drill together to synchronized perfection in boot camp, we train fire and maneuver in small unit tactics, we have leaders at every level and Corpsman to fix us when we’re broke. For all the years that we serve, we live the words Semper Fidelis in our faith to each other.  Supporting fellow grunts is in our DNA.

Yet once we transition out of the service, we find ourselves suddenly alone. We talk a good game about “once a Marine, always a Marine,” but the cold, hard truth is that once we transition out of the service, we find ourselves a lone veteran in an unfamiliar world. Our support system is gone.

The 03XX Foundation was founded by infantry veterans to meet the challenges of life after transition, by reconnecting grunts with their brothers-in-arms and facilitating the sharing of experience, knowledge and resources with each other.  The self-discipline we developed and the character we honed during our time in the service make Marine infantry veterans uniquely qualified to thrive in the chaos of civilian life.

The Foundation offers peer mentoring to those Marines and Corpsmen who are facing a challenge in civilian life, those in need of material assistance, or those simply looking for guidance from Marine Corps veterans who have “been there”.

The 03XX Foundation uses the Case Management process to carry out its mission of peer mentorship and collective support.  At the heart of this process is accountability, firstly to our fellow grunts and secondly to our donors. 

There are no paid staff members at the Foundation.  We are an all-volunteer workforce.  If we are not effective in our mission, then there is no reason for us to volunteer our time or donate our hard-earned money. In the spirit of accountability to our clients and to our donors, we want to share with you exactly what the Case Management process entails.

The Case Management process has 3 distinct phases: an Assistance Request, an Action Plan Development and Execution, and a Conclusion.  Each of these phases are detailed in the sections that follow.


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Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Assistance Request

Part 3: Action Plan Development & Execution

Part 4: Conclusion

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