The Case Management Process: Part 2 “Assistance Request”

The Case Management Process: Part 2

“Assistance Request”

A message to our Brothers-in-Arms and our Supporters

Part 2 of our 4-part series


The Case Management process begins with an assistance request. When Marines reach out to us for assistance via our website or social media, they become our clients. A staff member, referred to as the Duty Officer (DO), is always on duty to record and respond to assistance requests from potential clients.

While the DO handles the initial assistance requests, the Case Management team works directly with the clients to resolve their specific challenge.  The Case Management team consists of Case Managers (CMs) who are overseen by the Case Management Director (CMD). Each Case Manager is a volunteer (and almost all of our CMs and staff are grunts or grunt corpsmen) with a specific skill set, and trained by the Case Management Director to follow the Case Management process.

Each CM has a specialty.  Typically 03XX CMs specialize in one of our Four Pillars of Case Management: Career Guidance, Health and Wellness, Financial Assistance and Benefits Advocacy.



The Duty Officer works with the Case Management Director to assign a CM to the client based on the details of their specific assistance request.

The CM works with the client to verify the client’s service, collect objective metrics and relevant data, perform a mental health screening and conduct a thorough interview to ensure that we understand the nature and scope of the client’s problem.

Once the CM understands the problem and what the desired outcome is, he or she will conduct some initial research and consult with our network of experts and internal resources to develop some initial recommendations. If there is an emergency, immediate action will be taken.

Despite the fact that our Case Managers are very good at what they do, it is not our goal to simply fix Marine’s problems.  Even though a client may be facing a serious challenge, at 03XX we know that there are no weak or helpless Marines. Our goal is for the client to not only receive the support that they need, but also to help the client become a stronger and more capable individual.


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