The Case Management Process: Part 4 “Conclusion”

The Case Management Process: Part 4


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The final part in our 4-part series


Since it is our goal to have the client participate and have ownership in the Case Management process, the CM will work in conjunction with the client to develop an Action Plan (AP). The Action Plan is a collaborative process between the client, the CM and the full resources of the foundation— all directed towards resolving the client’s challenge.

The AP always follows a circular flow: Research -> Plan -> Execute -> Feedback. Any challenge can be researched, planned and executed upon until the results match the desired outcome (feedback). The details of the AP are tailored to the specifics of the client’s issue but the structure always remains the same.

This process can be repeated until the challenge has been overcome. If the outcome does not meet the client’s standard then we go back to the research phase.

Many times the CM will have direct experience with the exact issue that the client is facing, and he will be able to quickly guide the client into developing an effective Action Plan. Other times the client and the CM may face a unique situation and the research phase will educate both client and CM.  Regardless of the depth of the CM’s experience with a subject, the process is always collaborative to grow the client’s confidence and competence in helping themselves and others.



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