How does my donation help veterans?

Marines and Sailors have come to us for financial support for various reasons; we do everything within our means to help. Since each Veteran’s situation is different, we remain flexible to their needs in order to provide a long term solution. We have identified a few key areas where financial assistance goes the furthest. Here are some recent examples: Car payments for a Marine who depended on his vehicle to get to work/take his children to schoolRent payment for a Marine with high medical bills incurred through a service connected disability so he could keep a roof over his family’s head.

Does the staff take a salary?

We are a 100% all volunteer staff. We’re very proud that our funds go where they’re needed; to the veterans who reach out for our support. We actively maintain a very minimal operating cost and overhead.

What does 03XX mean?

Military job designations are broken down into categories. Marines with 0100 designation are administrative, 0200 is intelligence, and 0300s are Infantry Marines. The 0300s tap into our warrior ethos because we are the heart of the Corps and live her mission; we fight our nation’s enemies in the most austere conditions, do more with less, etc…

Why just Infantry and Corpsmen?

We believe that all veterans deserve our utmost respect and recognition. In our experience as 03s and Corpsmen, we believe there are higher prevalences of common Veteran’s issues and some challenges that are unique to the combat arms community. For example, translating their skills beyond the stigma of combat during their civilian transition . It’s more intuitive to relate a logistician’s accomplishments to UPS and a Communications Marine to Verizon. To some employers, their skill sets are less intuitive than others. However, Infantrymen and Corpsmen have among the most relevant and oftentimes battle tested set of intangibles that employers find highly desirable in the market place. They know how to thrive with little supervision, in austere conditions for extended periods of time, while leading a small team to accomplish objectives in an uncertain environment. Team leadership, change management, flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking and other skills are vital to our success on both the battlefield and in the civilian sector.

Do you turn people away that aren’t Infantry or Corpsmen?

Although we have a very defined group of people that we serve, we don’t turn anybody away without pointing them in the direction of someone who can help. We’ve built an extensive national network of organizations that we trust to take care of all our brothers and sisters.

How do i get involved?

Our foundation would be ineffective without the skills, expertise, and energy of our volunteers. click the “Become a Volunteer” button in the footer of our website to contact us and see the ways you can help us fulfill our mission.